Wilder Cookies: New treat company launches at Vancouver cafe

Move over donuts, these blue treat boxes are loaded with epic cookies from a new local biz…

Are cookies the next big thing in Vancouver?

One local venture is certainly hoping so. With the popularity of cookie companies in the US (like that one ubiquitous one with the big, thick cookies people can’t seem to get enough of), the folks at coffee biz Forecast have launched their sweet new enterprise, Wilder Cookies, and its lineup of epic, “mind-blowing” cookies.

Forecast, which began in Whistler and expanded in 2021 to Vancouver with the debut of its Mount Pleasant cafe (in the ex-Starbucks Reserve space at 2980 Main St) got Wilder up and running soon after 2023 got underway, selling the cookies inside the coffee shop from the pastry case and by the box for bigger orders.

The vision for Wilder is simple: Offer a sweet treat that straddles the line between decadent and something that’s more everyday. You might reach for a Wilder cookie as a snack, or it might be more of a special occasion, like something you bring to a dinner party. In fact, Wilder is hopeful their eye-catching blue cookie boxes will be what shows up at your next office team meeting instead of the usual donuts.

About a dozen rotating cookie flavors

There are about a dozen flavors in rotation at Wilder, which really does mean there is a cookie for everyone. Wilder is making a classic chocolate chunk to its more intense sibling, the S’more (with graham cracker pieces and gooey marshmallow along with those chocolatey chunks), and even sandwich cookies, like one with two rich brownie-like double chocolate cookies with vanilla cream in between.

Some of the cookies are extra thick – the Birthday Cake one could handily swap in for a celebratory slice with its sprinkles and frosting – and many come with a bit of filling, like the bit of cream cheese frosting inside the red velvet cookie. The Lemon is an absolute standout with just the right amount of sweetness and citrus, it’s akin to a cookie version of a perfect glass of homemade lemonade. A nutty breakfast cookie veers away from the sugary add-ons, and a blueberry muffin-inspired option is made for plant-based cookie fans.

Right now Wilder has the cookies available at all its locations (Vancouver, Whistler, and West Vancouver) and is gearing up to launch ordering via its website soon.

Follow @wildercookies on Instagram for more info and updates.

Watch: Wilder Cookies launch in Vancouver…are these the next trend in treats?

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