Ukrainian refugees in Calgary provide shelter to family after home lost in missile strike

A family of four that fled the war in Ukraine to come live in Calgary are thankful they are not in danger this Thanksgiving. The recent arrivals are now offering their home back in Ukraine to those in need who have lost everything in a missile strike. When Kateryna Sushko and her family made the … Read more

Russian ‘referendum’ in occupied Ukraine casts menacing shadow

If things weren’t bad enough already, imagine a Russia that is meaner, more menacing — and bigger, to boot. This is the promise and the threat that flows from the results of a separation vote announced Tuesday in four Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine. It is a vote that was held in a war zone, with … Read more

The faces of Mariupol: Young and old tell of harrowing escapes from city under siege – National

Standing beside the blown-out windows of a Chevrolet Aveo, two-year-old Daniil appears shell-shocked as he stares up at his mother, Valentyna. The car, which is bound with plastic wrap where the windows should be, is also pocked with shrapnel holes. Its gas cylinder and exhaust pipe are damaged. Still, it survived a two-day, 300-kilometre journey … Read more