Two families linked after an HIV-positive heart transplant meet for the first time

Two families are forever tied together after a groundbreaking surgery involving an HIV-positive heart transplant. From Baton Rouge to the Bronx — two families now linked by the heart beating in Miriam Nieves’s chest. A heart donated by Brittany Newton’s family.“I’m full of thanks, and I’m full of gratitude. God’s given me several, but this … Read more

14-year-old girl hopeful for lung transplant to keep singing

Life has changed for the family of a 14-year-old girl from Soldier, Iowa, in just a matter of weeks. They’re now hoping Katie Hoskins gets a much-needed lung transplant, so she can enjoy the life she has left to the fullest.The sound of Katie’s voice is music to her parents’ ears.”She is full of joy, … Read more

Family of 6-month-old Toronto baby girl pleads for live liver donor to save her life

A family from Bangladesh, now living in Toronto, is encouraging people to consider living organ donations as they wait for their young daughter to get a liver transplant that could save her life. “She was having jaundice but it’s common for babies… And the doctors was assuring that, ‘Yeah, it’s okay, it’s not a concern,’ … Read more

Pig skin protein gives sight back to 14 blind people – including three with perfect vision

Twenty people who were blind or on the verge of being so have had some or all of their sight restored thanks to a food industry byproduct — pig skin. Researchers from Linköping University and LinkoCare Life Sciences AB were able to give the group their vision back with a special corneal implant made from … Read more

Ontario has started giving Evusheld, a COVID-prevention drug, to the vulnerable

With terrifying certainty Dr. Eric Hurowitz knew he was especially vulnerable to COVID-19. Even after four vaccines, blood tests showed Hurowitz, who was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in 2019, had no antibodies to fight the virus. Months of chemotherapy following a stem-cell transplant had wiped out his immune system. And the constant flow of … Read more

Pig-Heart Transplant Case Published With New Details, Insights

It’s a given that the case of David Bennett, Sr, and his transplanted, genetically modified porcine heart will have a lot to teach, and the peer-reviewed publication this week lends welcome authority to some of its earliest lessons. Bennett lived for 2 months after receiving the heart in the pioneering surgery, and the new case … Read more

Ingenious Technique Leads to Kids Having Kidney Transplants Without Immune Suppression

Organ transplants can quite literally save lives, but they also come with strings attached – often including a lifetime of immunosuppression drug treatments required to keep the immune system in check, lest it reject the transplanted organ as a foreign invader. Now scientists are reporting on three successful kidney organ transplants, carried out in children … Read more

Muscle Shoals parents donate kidneys to their children combatting rare genetic disease | News

One mother is celebrating a scientific breakthrough that all started with her two kids in North Alabama. Jessica Davenport from Muscle Shoals has been fighting for her kids ever since they were diagnosed with an extremely rare genetic disease called schimke immuno-osseous dysplasia (SIOD). They are the first siblings in the United States to ever … Read more

Man’s ‘Space-Age’ Procedure Has Freed Him From His Pain

(news) – For years, Steven Gallagher has suffered from pain in his arms and hands, not finding relief even after an operation to address what he believed at the time was carpal tunnel syndrome. Turns out the Scotsman actually has an autoimmune disease that scars the skin and his inner organs, and he’s now … Read more

Canada approves COVID-19 prevention drug Evusheld

Health Canada has approved AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 prevention drug Evusheld for individuals with weaker immune systems, offering another layer of protection for those at high risk of getting severely ill with the virus. The approval, announced Thursday, clears the way for physicians to prescribe the drug to people whose bodies cannot mount a strong immune response … Read more