Pierre Poilievre’s Big Tent: How Pierre Poilievre won the battle for the soul of the Conservative party

This week on “It’s Political,” we focus on Pierre Poilievre’s leadership. First, we’ll take a look back at the divisive leadership race and Poilievre’s big win. Then we’ll sit down with Yan Plante, the former chief of staff to transport minister Denis Lebel in Stephen Harper’s government, and Melanie Paradis, a long-time advisor and deputy … Read more

Conservative insiders say these are the 4 biggest challenges Pierre Poilievre will face

OTTAWA — In high school, he was selling Reform Party memberships. In university, he was a finalist in an essay contest about what he’d do as prime minister. At age 25, he won an Ottawa seat for the federal Conservatives and 20 years later, he’s still the MP, having served as a cabinet minister along … Read more

Conservative party elects new leader Saturday

OTTAWA—For the third time in five years, members of the federal Conservative party are set to elect a new leader. Who among the five candidates will emerge the winner of the seven-month long contest will be revealed at an event tonight in downtown Ottawa. Plans for what was supposed to be an energetic convention have … Read more

Here’s why Conservatives fear Pierre Poilievre

OTTAWA —Conservative leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre’s promise to fire the governor of the Bank of Canada divided caucus Wednesday as concerns grow about the future of the party after its contentious leadership race comes to an end. The party’s finance critic, Ed Fast, was booted from his role after telling reporters earlier Wednesday morning he … Read more