Will Doug Ford’s housing reforms kill the Toronto Green Standard?

Rendering of a 12-storey, U-shaped rental building on Eastern Ave. in Toronto proposed by real estate developer TAS.BAG When TAS decided to build a 12-storey, U-shaped rental building on Eastern Avenue in the south end of Toronto’s Leslieville neighbourhood, the developer asked its architects to come up with a net zero design that satisfied the … Read more

Here’s why Poilievre’s attack on Bank of Canada is rubbish

In its renewed assault on the Bank of Canada (BoC) this week, the Conservative Party of Canada blames it for today’s high inflation. The BoC should therefore “be subject to ruthless scrutiny and dispassionate analysis,” the Tories say. But the Tories’ own criticism of the bank — actually a backdoor attack on the Trudeau government … Read more

Justin Trudeau slightly favoured over Pierre Poilievre for prime minister: new poll

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre greet each other as they gather at the House of Commons on Parliament Hill to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth in Ottawa on Sept. 15.Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press A new poll suggests a plurality of Canadians still believe Justin Trudeau is still the best man for … Read more

Conservative party elects new leader Saturday

OTTAWA—For the third time in five years, members of the federal Conservative party are set to elect a new leader. Who among the five candidates will emerge the winner of the seven-month long contest will be revealed at an event tonight in downtown Ottawa. Plans for what was supposed to be an energetic convention have … Read more

How the NDP will handle Pierre Poilievre as Tory leader

HALIFAX — Should Pierre Poilievre emerge victorious from the Conservative leadership race this weekend — something that now feels all but certain — the New Democrats have a plan. They’re not going to wage a culture war against the longtime MP, who, just like NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, is a compelling communicator, plays a strong … Read more

Conservative leadership: Kevin O’Leary makes pitch for Jean Charest

OTTAWA — Celebrity businessman Kevin O’Leary is making a last-minute pitch to Conservative party members to vote for Jean Charest. The reality television star’s nod comes as the race enters its final weeks and all five campaigns are trying to motivate supporters to cast a ballot. O’Leary briefly entered the party’s 2017 leadership race, but … Read more

Stephen Harper endorses Pierre Poilievre to lead Conservatives

OTTAWA — Former Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper made an unexpected public entry into the race for his latest successor Monday, throwing his support behind longtime Ottawa MP Pierre Poilievre. Harper, who has rarely commented on domestic politics since losing the 2015 federal election, endorsed Poilievre in a video posted to social media. He called … Read more

The future of the Ontario Liberals is at stake on June 2

Ontario Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca holds a rally in Scarborough, Ont., on May 29.Chris Young/The Canadian Press We can safely predict that the Liberal Party will improve its standing in the Ontario Legislature after the June 2 election. But that may not save its leader, Steven Del Duca. And the party itself could be … Read more

Ontario Liberals’ budget promises hinge on funding from Ottawa

The Ontario Liberals are boasting that they will balance the province’s books a year earlier than their Progressive Conservative rivals, but that promise hinges on billions of dollars in funding from Ottawa and a host of other favorable assumptions. The Liberal costing document released Monday forecasts a deficit of just $5-billion in fiscal 2025-26, matching … Read more

Federal Conservative leadership candidates go head-to-head

OTTAWA — It was Conservative fight night in the nation’s capital Thursday as leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre pummeled his rival Jean Charest while taking hits himself from Leslyn Lewis at the leadership race’s inaugural debate. Poilievre, Charest, Lewis, Scott Aitchison and Roman Baber sought to highlight their strengths and undercut those of their opponents over … Read more