This Two-Minute Morning Activity Will Boost Your Energy and Focus All Day

While a cup of coffee can start your morning with a bang, there’s an easy, two-minute activity that will jumpstart your metabolism and give you more energy throughout the day. Uber investor Sahil Bloom developed the 5-5-5-30 morning exercise routine that takes only two minutes and has been scientifically shown to improve your attention, concentration, … Read more

Exercises ‘for Women’ Are Sandbagging You

Photo: ViDI Studio (Shutterstock) As a woman who exercises, I find it strange to constantly come across recommendations about the best exercises “for women.” The lists are always full of unweighted exercises like bird dogs, and lightly-weighted ones like overhead presses with cute, tiny dumbbells. Meanwhile, when I work out I just…lift a thing? Maybe … Read more

NBC sues “trademark squatter” for the rights to Dunder Mifflin

A box of Dunder Mifflin paperphoto† Donald Bowers/Getty Images for In what appears to be a classic Michael Scott-style bungling, NBCUniversal is currently unable to get the trademark on the name “Dunder Mifflin” (the fictional paper company from The Office) because a different company—Jay Kennette Media Group—actually owns it. That comes from Deadlinewhich says … Read more