Germany arrests ‘associate’ of intelligence officer accused of spying for Russia – National

A German citizen was arrested at the Munich airport on suspicion of treason for allegedly colluding with an intelligence service employee to pass on intelligence to Russia, the prosecutor general’s office said on Thursday. The man, identified as Arthur E., was arrested on Sunday upon arriving in Germany from the United States, the prosecutor said … Read more

Putin claims Russia invaded Ukraine to end ‘war’ that began in 2014 – National

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that Moscow’s action in Ukraine was intended to stop a “war” that has raged in eastern Ukraine for many years. Speaking at a meeting with veterans, Putin said that Moscow had long sought to negotiate a settlement to the conflict in Ukraine’s eastern industrial heartland of Donbas, where … Read more

Ukraine holding out despite intense Russian battles in Soledar, Kyiv says – National

Ukraine said on Thursday its troops were still holding out despite heavy fighting on a battlefield covered with bodies in a salt mining town in eastern Ukraine, where Russian mercenaries have claimed Moscow’s first significant gain in half a year. The ultra-nationalist Russian mercenary group Wagner, run by an ally of President Vladimir Putin outside … Read more

Vladimir Putin heads for Belarus as Russian ‘kamikaze’ drones strike Kyiv – National

Moscow launched a “kamikaze” drone attack on Monday, hitting key infrastructure in and around Kyiv, as Russian President Vladimir Putin heads for Belarus, fueling fears he will pressure his ex-Soviet ally to join a new offensive on Ukraine. The Ukrainian Air Force said its air defenses shot down 30 drones, the third Russian air attack … Read more

Canada to provide $115M to repair Kyiv’s power grid amid Russian strikes – National

Canada will transfer $115 million to repair Kyiv’s power grid after repeated Russian attacks against Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said on Tuesday. The money will come from tariff revenues collected on imports from Russia and Belarus, Freeland said at the Standing with the Ukrainian People conference in Paris. “Putin and his … Read more

Hundreds of civilians killed by Russia early in Ukraine war, UN report indicates – National

At least 441 civilians were killed by Russian forces in the early days of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, the United Nations human rights office said on Wednesday, documenting summary executions and attacks in dozens of towns across three regions. The actual number of victims in the Kyiv, Chernihiv, and Sumy regions was likely to be … Read more

Kherson officials to lift ban on river crossings from Russian-held territory – National

Officials in the southern Ukrainian region of Kherson announced on Saturday they would help citizens evacuate from parts of Russian-occupied territory on the east bank of the Dnipro River amid fears of intensified fighting. Yaroslav Yanushevych, the regional governor, said officials were temporarily lifting a ban on crossings to allow Ukrainians living in villages across … Read more

Russian strikes in Ukraine plunging millions into hardship, UN rights boss says – National

The UN human rights chief said on Thursday that Russian strikes on critical infrastructure in Ukraine since October had killed at least 77 civilians and were plunging millions of people into extreme hardship. Much of the country remained without heat or power after the most devastating Russian air strikes on its energy grid so far. … Read more

Ukraine works to restore power following crushing Russian strikes – National

About 70 per cent of the Ukrainian capital was left without power, Kyiv’s mayor said Thursday, a day after Moscow unleashed yet another devastating missile and drone barrage on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. Wednesday’s renewed Russian attack on Ukrainian infrastructure caused power outages across large parts of the country, further hobbling Ukraine’s already battered power network … Read more

Ukraine promises ‘invincibility centres’ to shelter people from harsh winter – National

Ukraine’s government promised to create shelters to provide heat and water and encouraged citizens to conserve energy as a harsh winter loomed amid relentless Russian strikes that have left its power structure in tatters. Special “invincibility centers” will be set up around Ukraine to provide electricity, heat, water, internet, mobile phone connections and a pharmacy, … Read more