Toronto could see strong winds up to 80 km/h this week

Toronto and most of southern Ontario will see strong winds on Wednesday, Environment and Climate Change Canada predicts. In a special weather statement issued for Toronto just after 5 am Tuesday, Environment Canada said strong winds will persist into the night. As a strong cold front sets in across the province, the agency predicts westerly … Read more

16 puppies rescued in Markham after animal cruelty investigation

More than a dozen dogs are with animal care services after two men were arrested on animal cruelty-related charges. York Regional Police said last December, police were told about a dog that may have been sold with fraudulent vaccination records. When they investigated the documents, police found advertisements online that offered dogs for up to … Read more

Canada is testing its emergency alert system in Ontario Wednesday

Emergency alerts will ring from cellphones across Toronto on Wednesday afternoon as Canada’s national alert system conducts tests. Alert Ready, emergency alert system, will conduct tests in all provinces and territories except Prince Edward Island on Wednesday. Ontario residents can expect one test message on their television, cellphones and wireless devices at 12:55 pm Alert … Read more

What new data shows on hiring in Canada’s immigration department

Only eight months into 2022, Canada already received almost as many permanent and temporary resident applications it did in 2019 before the pandemic. After a two-year slump, the engine of the country’s immigration system is running above its capacity in 2019 by 45 per cent and the number of permanent and temporary residence applicants processed … Read more

Elaha Dilawarzai, a former Taliban hostage, is the symbol of violence against Afghan women

A woman whose story of being raped, brutalized and forced to marry a former Taliban official gained international attention is accusing the world of rolling out the “red carpet” for the group now controlling Afghanistan even as its crimes against women continue. The experiences of Elaha Dilawarzai, 24, first emerged a couple of months ago … Read more

Rating Canada’s World Cup men’s soccer roster for Qatar

John Herdman had spent the past 18 months shocking the country enough times over that when it came to finally naming the first Canadian soccer squad for a men’s World Cup in 36 years, surprises were kept to a minimum. In an hour-long televised reveal Sunday that was heavy on great production graphics and deeply … Read more

Canadian snowbirds heading to Florida face hurricane-damaged properties — and looming extra costs for everything

Canada’s snowbirds are once again preparing to make the trek south for the winter, the first “normal” migration since the start of the pandemic — and some are finding their winter nests in disarray. When Hurricane Ian ripped through Florida last month, it left a trail of destruction — an estimated $40-70 billion (US) in … Read more

She painted murals in Kabul. Then she felt the walls closing in

In a dimly lit Mississauga hotel room with a single bed and white curtains, a young woman who escaped from the Taliban talked about her lost past and uncertain future. Narges Khowajazada, 23, was a member of an activist arts group until the fall of Afghanistan. She spent nearly four years painting murals in Kabul. … Read more

How the deal to boost federal funding for health care came undone

Confusion reigned in Vancouver on Tuesday as media gathered outside the room where a news conference by federal and provincial health officials was meant to take place. Staff from federal and provincial health ministers had just finished explaining that there would be no joint announcement about federal funding for provincial health care; instead, two separate … Read more