2 Foods You Should Never Buy At The Grocery Store Because They Lead To Belly Fat, Experts Warn

Whether you go into it with a list or simply wing it based on your current cravings, we all need to stock up at the grocery store on a regular basis. The foods you stock your kitchen with play a major role in your health, so it’s important to choose wisely. And if you’re starting … Read more

New Study Finds Highly Processed Food Linked to Premature Death

A new study from Brazil offers more evidence that eating a diet of highly processed foods is dangerous to your health. Ultra-processed foods such as hot dogs, chips, soda, and ice cream not only trigger obesity and high cholesterol, but they may also cause premature death. According to NBC News, the study published Monday in … Read more

A Lay’s Casting Call Will Pay You Up To $2,100 If You Love Eating Their Chips

Is grabbing a few bags of Lay’s chips before heading out on a family road trip a tradition for you? Well, hit up your siblings, fam, because this Toronto casting call is for you. Groundglass Casting wants families, duos, and individuals 18 years old plus from across Canada to appear in an upcoming ad campaign … Read more