1 in 3 Canadians believe Trudeau should stay in power as Tories edge ahead: poll – National

The proportion of Canadians who believe Prime Minister Justin Trudeau deserves to remain in power appears to be slightly lower than it was one year ago amid the federal election, a new poll suggests. Polling done by Ipsos exclusively for Global News indicates 33 per cent of Canadians say Trudeau deserves to be re-elected, which … Read more

Right-wing activist says he meant no harm with ‘joke’ about raping Pierre Poilievre’s wife

OTTAWA — The RCMP is reviewing a statement from a prominent far-right figure who says he was drunk when he joked during a live broadcast about sexually assaulting Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre’s wife. The comment provoked Poilievre’s strongest condemnation yet of a group called Diagolon and its controversial leader Jeremy MacKenzie, a 36-year-old Nova Scotia … Read more

Poilievre denounces ‘abuse’ against wife allegedly from Diagolon founder who shook his hand – National

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre says he is denouncing “abuse” and sexually threatening language against his wife allegedly made by Jeremy Mackenzie, the de-facto leader of a far-right group called Diagolon whose adherents have waged a social media campaign against female journalists for abuse months. In a statement posted on Twitter Monday morning, Poilievre said he … Read more

Hurricane Fiona caused this destruction in Atlantic Canada

Good morning. This is the Monday, September 26 edition of First Up, the Star’s daily morning digest. Sign up to get it earlier each day, in your inbox. Here’s the latest on the destruction of Hurricane Fiona, artificial intelligence in health care and a Toronto neighborhood where housing is at the center of debate. DON’T … Read more

Poilievre meeting with each Conservative MP ahead of October shadow cabinet decisions – National

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre is holding one-on-one meetings with each Conservative MP to gauge their interests as he prepares to assemble his front bench of critics. The meetings come ahead of an expected announcement of Poilievre’s “shadow cabinet” in mid-October, multiple sources tell Global News, timed around a week-long break in House of Commons action. … Read more

Pierre Poilievre’s Big Tent: How Pierre Poilievre won the battle for the soul of the Conservative party

This week on “It’s Political,” we focus on Pierre Poilievre’s leadership. First, we’ll take a look back at the divisive leadership race and Poilievre’s big win. Then we’ll sit down with Yan Plante, the former chief of staff to transport minister Denis Lebel in Stephen Harper’s government, and Melanie Paradis, a long-time advisor and deputy … Read more

Canada to drop COVID-19 vaccine border rules: sources

By the end of September the federal government is planning to drop its COVID-19 vaccine border requirements, and the ArriveCan application will become optional, sources confirmed to CTV News. The government is expected to make this policy change by the end of the month, and the sources indicated the Liberals will also be ending the … Read more

Poilievre narrow second to Trudeau as preferred prime minister, poll finds – National

A new poll suggests a plurality of Canadians still believe Justin Trudeau is still the best man for the job of prime minister, but he has only a slight lead over new Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre. Leger has released the findings of an online survey conducted over the weekend with around 1,500 respondents. Read more: … Read more

Poilievre-Trudeau showdown will have to wait

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Justin Trudeau versus Pierre Poilievre as Parliament returns

OTTAWA— In the words of one Liberal MP, “there’s a big battle brewing right there” on the floor of the House of Commons when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confronts new Official Opposition leader Pierre Poilievre. But the ideological battle many anticipate between the front benches and the two main party leaders will not take shape … Read more