Trudeau adviser contradicts Brenda Lucki at ‘Freedom Convoy’ inquiry

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s national security and intelligence adviser says the head of the RCMP failed to inform the federal cabinet when it was on the cusp of invoking the Emergencies Act of her view that police had not exhausted all legal tools to deal with last winter’s so-called “Freedom Convoy” protests, an … Read more

Ottawa officer gets punished for donating to the Freedom Convoy

The Ottawa cop who twice donated to the so-called “Freedom Convoy,” which occupied swaths of the capital for three weeks last winter and prompted the country’s first use of its Emergencies Act, has been docked a week’s pay and ordered to undergo a restorative justice process with residents affected by the protest. Const. Kristina Neilson … Read more

Judge struggles at inquiry as convoy organizers testify

OTTAWA—A judge who gave the floor to key “Freedom Convoy” organizers to vent about personality conflicts, power struggles and fights over who controlled millions raised for their cause wrestled to keep Thursday’s hearing on track, as witnesses broke into tears recounting their frustrations — and their pride — about what they achieved in last winter’s … Read more

Ottawa police thought ‘Freedom Convoy’ would end quickly. Others didn’t

OTTAWA— The federal government produced daily intelligence briefings by RCMP and senior public servants on the so-called “Freedom Convoy’s” growing ranks and fundraising — reports that flagged rising concerns as copycat protests sprang up across the country and around the globe, and the Ottawa police appeared powerless to contain it. Unlike the Ottawa police — … Read more

Emergencies Act inquiry to hear from Pat King, other ‘Freedom Convoy’ figures on Wednesday

OTTAWA—The federal Emergencies Act inquiry is hearing Wednesday from more key figures in the so-called “Freedom Convoy” movement that staged a protest occupation near Parliament Hill last winter. After testimony from key organizers Tuesday, the ongoing public inquiry will hear from Keith Wilson, a lawyer for some of the protest organizers. The inquiry will also … Read more

‘Freedom Convoy’ protest organizers to testify at Emergencies Act inquiry

OTTAWA—Organizers of the so-called “Freedom Convoy” protests that gridlocked the capital and inspired border blockades across Canada last winter are set to start testifying at the Emergencies Act inquiry on Tuesday. After more than two weeks of testimony from Ottawa politicians and local and provincial police officers, key leaders of the protests that prompted the … Read more

Emergencies Act inquiry to hear from first witnesses Friday

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Russian ‘referendum’ in occupied Ukraine casts menacing shadow

If things weren’t bad enough already, imagine a Russia that is meaner, more menacing — and bigger, to boot. This is the promise and the threat that flows from the results of a separation vote announced Tuesday in four Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine. It is a vote that was held in a war zone, with … Read more

In Russian-occupied Ukraine, this is what democracy looks like

The Ukrainian city of Kherson got a new mayor this week. There was no election campaign in the city of nearly 300,000 on the Dnipro River. No pesky lineups to vote, either. There have been fireworks, of a sort, but nothing to celebrate — not for those who fled their city when the Russian invaders … Read more