Phone addiction destroying your memory? A new app can help

Remember when we used to have to remember things? Things like phone numbers, world capitals, poems or, perhaps, the periodic table of elements? Now, no matter where we are, we can look those things up on the computers we carry in our pockets. That might be a good thing. Maybe we can use that space … Read more

Study Pinpoints 6 Habits That Reduce Dementia Risk, Slow Memory Loss

A large study of more than 29,000 older adults has identified six habits that are linked with a lower risk of dementia and a slower rate of memory decline. The study, published in The BMJ, found that eating a balanced diet, exercising the mind and body, engaging in regular contact with others, and not drinking … Read more

Initial Alzheimer’s Symptoms Predict Rate of Progression

Memory loss is the most common symptom associated with Alzheimer’s disease — the terrifying prospect of slowly forgetting yourself and everything around you. But people who exhibit memory loss early on in their dementia actually have a slower rate of decline than those who develop other symptoms earlier, a new study reports. Difficulty forming sentences, … Read more

This Two-Minute Morning Activity Will Boost Your Energy and Focus All Day

While a cup of coffee can start your morning with a bang, there’s an easy, two-minute activity that will jumpstart your metabolism and give you more energy throughout the day. Uber investor Sahil Bloom developed the 5-5-5-30 morning exercise routine that takes only two minutes and has been scientifically shown to improve your attention, concentration, … Read more

Tribute to Star photographer Vince Talotta the kind gesture of a stranger

She had driven this stretch of the Gardiner Expressway countless times. But on this day, Maithily Panchalingam had mistakenly missed her exit. Then she realized where she was. Maybe she could find the bench? It was a blustery but sunny December morning. A few days before, a colleague had alerted Panchalingam, who’s on leave from … Read more

Will you get Alzheimer’s in the future? Miami UM tool predicts risk

Why do some people develop Alzheimer’s disease and others don’t? What makes one person’s brain healthier than another’s? And what can be done to improve, or at least slow, a brain’s deterioration? Researchers at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine have developed a new tool they say will help fill in the blanks. … Read more

4 things you can do to fight dementia and improve your memory

There may not be a “magic pill,” but there are ways to stave off dementia and improve your brain health, one scientist says. Crossword puzzles and Sudoku are helpful in stimulating the brain, but people also need to focus on their stress levels, sleep habits, nutrition and exercise — even if it’s just a brisk … Read more

How Claire Denis filmed back-to-back movies during the pandemic

(From left) Joe Alwyn and Margaret Qualley in Claire Denis’ Stars At NoonPhoto: A24 Claire Denis arrives at her Upper East Side hotel’s sparsely populated restaurant one afternoon during the 60th edition of the New York Film Festival, clutching a drugstore item she had just purchased after searching for a Duane Reade for quite some … Read more

Intense Workouts May Be Detrimental to Mental Health and Memory

A new study from researchers at Dartmouth College found that when it comes to intense gym workouts and mental health, less may be more. Participants in the study who exercised at a low intensity performed better at some memory tasks than those who worked out intensely. And men and women who performed intense workouts, as … Read more

Is it Age-Related Memory Loss or Dementia?

Occasional memory lapses are a normal part of aging. But if they occur with increasing frequency or come with changes in personality, this could be a warning sign of something more serious. Walking into a room and forgetting what you are looking for is probably normal as we age. But getting lost on your way … Read more