Two families linked after an HIV-positive heart transplant meet for the first time

Two families are forever tied together after a groundbreaking surgery involving an HIV-positive heart transplant. From Baton Rouge to the Bronx — two families now linked by the heart beating in Miriam Nieves’s chest. A heart donated by Brittany Newton’s family.“I’m full of thanks, and I’m full of gratitude. God’s given me several, but this … Read more

Many patients stop taking statins due to muscle pain, but statins aren’t causing it, new study says

Statins are an important tool to prevent major cardiovascular problems, but many patients stop taking them because of side effects, including muscle pain. However, for more than 90% of patients on statins who experience muscle pain, the statin is not the cause of the pain, according to a study published Monday in The Lancet and … Read more