‘Reverse Dieting’ Is Not a Weight Loss Cheat Code

photo: Lolostock (Shutterstock) To hear the TikTok girlies tell it, there’s a hack that will let you EAT MORE FOOD! While NOT GAINING WEIGHT! And it’s great if you are SICK OF DIETING! Never mind that one can achieve all those goals by a simple trick called “not dieting anymore.” No, it needs a name … Read more

The Eight Types of Cheese You Should Have in Your Fridge at All Times

My fridge is very dairy-heavy. Currently, it is stocked with whole milk, half & half, heavy whipping cream, two types of yogurt (store-bought Greek and a homemade recipe I’m tweaking), sour cream, butter, and all of my various cheeses. (I usually have some labneh in there as well, but I just ran out.) The cheeses … Read more

Why 70% Rubbing Alcohol Is Better Than 99% for Disinfecting

photo: Colleen Michaels (Shutterstock) Stronger is better, right? Cconcentrated dish soap degreases better. Higher proof rum will get you drunk faster. You even scoop your ice cream from the part of the tub with the most fudge and nuts. But when it comes to rubbing alcohol, higher concentrations aren’t always better after all. Drugstores tend … Read more

Don’t Waste Your Time With These Terrible Diet Tips

photo: Viacheslav Nikolaenko (Shutterstock) It’s the new year and everybody’s on a diet—I mean, a wellness journey. Whether you want to lose weight or not is none of my business, but I do beg you to please, please let all the following silly weight loss “hacks” die. Many of them forgive on disordered eating behaviorswhile … Read more

What Your Farts Can Tell You About Your Health

illustration: Sam Woolley Breaking wind. Cutting the cheese. Thunder from down under. I could go on, but whatever you call itfarting is a part of life. Farting is usually caused either by swallowing air, which has to get out somehow, or by bacteria in your guts releasing gas during the digestive process. Everything animal (human … Read more

These Are Signs That Your Dog Is Allergic to People

photo: Stickler (Shutterstock) Anyone who lives with allergies knows how deeply unpleasant they can be, knocking you out with a range of symptoms affecting you from head-to-toe. Dogs feel our pain, too, and can be allergic to a number of the same things we are. But if humans can be allergic to dogs (or, more … Read more

Whether You Really Need to Pee After Sex, According to Science

photo: VGstock studio (Shutterstock) If you have a vagina, you’ve probably been told that it’s an absolute must to pee immediately after having sex to prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs). But it turns out there isn’t a lot of evidence to support this idea. There is shockingly little research on the question of whether this … Read more

What to Know About Dengue, the Deadly Disease Showing Up in Arizona

photo: Thammanoon Khamchalee (Shutterstock) An Arizona resident recently contracted the mosquito-borne disease known as dengue, and the dengue virus has been detected in mosquitoes in the area. Dengue, normally associated with tropical countries, may be spreading in Arizona for the first time. It’s not the first time dengue has shown up in the United States, … Read more

Why Being Cold Makes You Pee

photo: anetapics (Shutterstock) Imagine yourself outdoors in a cold winter landscape. There’s a chill in your toes and the sting of cold air against your face. Sounds are muffled by the snow. You may smell a sort of clean freshness to the air. And your bladder, most likely, feels like it’s about to burst. What’s … Read more