Pierre Poilievre’s Big Tent: How Pierre Poilievre won the battle for the soul of the Conservative party

This week on “It’s Political,” we focus on Pierre Poilievre’s leadership. First, we’ll take a look back at the divisive leadership race and Poilievre’s big win. Then we’ll sit down with Yan Plante, the former chief of staff to transport minister Denis Lebel in Stephen Harper’s government, and Melanie Paradis, a long-time advisor and deputy … Read more

Conservative party elects new leader Saturday

OTTAWA—For the third time in five years, members of the federal Conservative party are set to elect a new leader. Who among the five candidates will emerge the winner of the seven-month long contest will be revealed at an event tonight in downtown Ottawa. Plans for what was supposed to be an energetic convention have … Read more

Poilievre popular among Conservative voters, but not all Canadians feel the same: poll – National

More than half of Conservative voters in Canada want Pierre Poilievre to lead the CPC party, suggests a new Ipsos poll conducted exclusively for Global News. “All the momentum in this leadership race is really with Pierre Poilievre,” Darrell Bricker, CEO of Ipsos public affairs, told Global News. Read more: The Conservative Party will have … Read more

Did a Conservative leadership hopeful compare COVID-19 vaccines to Nazi atrocities? Leslyn Lewis rejects ‘cowardly’ accusation

OTTAWA — Dog whistling to conspiracy theorists. Political cowardice and racism. Human experimentation in Nazi Germany. This was the fodder for a public spat in the Conservative leadership race on Thursday, as two candidates traded allegations of misinformation and dirty politicking in the latter phase of the contest to become leader of the Official Opposition … Read more

678,000 Conservatives were sent leadership ballots. For the contenders, the final battle is now underway

OTTAWA — No matter how many clicks a candidate has on social media or dollars they have in the bank, what it’s going to take to win the Conservative leadership race is votes. But both the likes and the bucks are part of getting that vote out. Get-out-the-vote efforts on behalf of all five campaigns … Read more

Final Conservative leadership debate sees calls for unity, Poilievre missing – National

Jean Charest spent the last official debate of the federal Conservative leadership race on Wednesday stressing that his experience as a political leader is what the party needs to unite. But with six weeks left in the contest, the former Quebec premier, who once led the erstwhile federal Progressive Conservative party, would not say whether … Read more

Poilievre, Lewis to sit out final Conservative leadership race debate – National

No audience, no podiums and appearances from only three out of the five candidates running to lead the federal Conservatives. These are the circumstances under which the party’s last official debate of the race will take place tonight in Ottawa, before a winner is announced Sept. 10. Read more: Conservatives raised more than Liberals, NDP … Read more

Quebec leads explosive growth in Conservative membership sales: party numbers – National

There are now more Conservative members in Quebec than in the party’s heartland province of Saskatchewan. Taken together, Ontario and Quebec now account for more than half of the party’s 678,708 total members eligible to vote in the Sept. 10 leadership contest. By any measure, the growth in Conservative numbers during the 2022 contest has … Read more

Ask my questions or I won’t attend leadership debate, Leslyn Lewis tells Conservative party

OTTAWA—Conservative party members would rather hear leadership candidates talk about the World Economic Forum and COVID-19 vaccines than federal budgets and carbon taxes, says Leslyn Lewis. Lewis made the statement while criticizing the party’s plans for a third leadership debate on Aug. 3. In an open letter to the party’s leadership election organizing committee on … Read more

‘This will be Pierre Poilivere’s party’: Conservatives reckon with a new direction – National

The explosion in Conservative membership sales could significantly shake up the party’s grassroots as well as the long-standing power dynamics between various factions, multiple sources tell Global News. The biggest beneficiary of that shake-up would likely be Pierre Poilievre, the purported frontrunner to lead the Conservative Party of Canada into the next general election. Read … Read more