Kherson officials to lift ban on river crossings from Russian-held territory – National

Officials in the southern Ukrainian region of Kherson announced on Saturday they would help citizens evacuate from parts of Russian-occupied territory on the east bank of the Dnipro River amid fears of intensified fighting. Yaroslav Yanushevych, the regional governor, said officials were temporarily lifting a ban on crossings to allow Ukrainians living in villages across … Read more

Ukraine to begin voluntary evacuation from liberated southern areas: Deputy PM – National

Ukraine will soon begin evacuating people who want to leave the recently-liberated southern city of Kherson and the surrounding areas, a senior official announced on Saturday, citing damage done by Russian forces. Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk said some people had expressed a wish to move away from both Kherson and the area around Mykolaiv, … Read more

Russian ‘referendum’ in occupied Ukraine casts menacing shadow

If things weren’t bad enough already, imagine a Russia that is meaner, more menacing — and bigger, to boot. This is the promise and the threat that flows from the results of a separation vote announced Tuesday in four Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine. It is a vote that was held in a war zone, with … Read more

In Russian-occupied Ukraine, this is what democracy looks like

The Ukrainian city of Kherson got a new mayor this week. There was no election campaign in the city of nearly 300,000 on the Dnipro River. No pesky lineups to vote, either. There have been fireworks, of a sort, but nothing to celebrate — not for those who fled their city when the Russian invaders … Read more