Industry minister says he’s in no hurry to sign off on Rogers-Shaw merger

OTTAWA —The federal minister examining the remaining hurdle to the massive Rogers-Shaw telecom merger says he is in no hurry to give it the green-light. Industry Minister François-Philippe Champagne told the Star he has looked at —but wants to more fully understand — Tuesday’s decision by the Federal Court of Appeal that approved the merger … Read more

Alcohol Flushing Response May Increase Chances of Heart Disease

If you’re East or Southeast Asian, you’re probably very familiar with the alcohol flushing response—otherwise known as the “Asian glow.” After one or two drinks, your face and body grows redder than a sun-dried tomato, and people start asking you if you somehow got sunburned at the bar or party that night. The flushing response … Read more

American Heart Health Might Get Much, Much Worse by 2060 Especially for Minorities

You need to take better care of your heart. No, we’re not judging—it’s just a statistical reality. A new study published Monday in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that rates of cardiovascular disease in the US over the next four decades are on track to spike like your blood pressure after … Read more

We Might Be Treating Schizophrenia All Wrong

For more than 70 years, doctors treated the symptoms of schizophrenia—delusions, hallucinations, cognitive impairments—with antipsychotic medications. Prevailing theories suggest that elevated dopamine signaling in the brain leads to schizophrenia, so these antipsychotics provide relief by tempering dopamine activity. Yet, it has never been entirely clear how these drugs quiet dopamine activity. And due to their … Read more

You Need to Make a Personal Poop Bank for Fecal Transplants Scientists Say

Stock up on the Metamucil, folks. Scientists say you need to start saving your poop. A team of researchers at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital published an opinion article in the journal Trends in Molecular Medicine today sounding the alarm on a trend in how human gut microbiomes (microorganisms in your digestive … Read more

Antibodies From Llama Blood Can Protect Against COVID, Future and Other Coronaviruses

Aside from the vaccine, one of the biggest reasons we’ve seen a drop in COVID deaths since the start of the pandemic is because of the development of effective treatments. Doctors and nurses are better equipped to help patients who come in with a serious case of the virus, shortening hospital stays and alleviating pressure … Read more

Marijuana Users More Likely to Land in Hospitals and Emergency Rooms

Sorry, pot heads. We’ve got bad news: Your weed smoking habit might just land you in the emergency room—or at least make you more likely to. In a new study published today in the journal BMJ Open Respiratory Research, Canadian researchers found weed smokers visited the emergency room or were hospitalized 22 percent more than … Read more

Older Folks Who Can’t Stand on One Leg for 10 Seconds Have Double the Risk of Death, Study Finds

If you’re 50 or older, try standing on one leg and holding it for 10 seconds. If you can do it, congrats! You’re likely pretty healthy (or at least have been keeping up with your Wii Sports balance board over a decade later). If you can’t, though, we have bad news: Your risk of death … Read more

MIT AI Bot Discovers Why Some Autistic Adults Can’t Detect Emotion

One common symptom that people with autism struggle with is the inability to interpret facial expressions. This can lead to difficulty in reading social cues in their personal lives, school, workplace, and even media like movies and TV shows. However, researchers at MIT have created an AI that helped shed light on why exactly this … Read more

New COVID Antibody Testing Device Could Usher Mass Screening for Immunity

The uptick in COVID cases these days is driven a lot of different factors—in great part the emergence of highly contagious variants like omicron and a drop in masking and social distancing rules, but also an overall waning in immunity for those who are vaccinated, which no surprise. Antibodies, whether prompted by infection or vaccination, … Read more