As Russia launched into war with Ukraine, here’s who Canada’s ambassador was meeting behind the scenes

During the first two months of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Canada’s ambassador in Moscow dined with top diplomats, gathered intel from local sources and hosted allies at the embassy. Nearly 100 pages of documents obtained by the Star through an access-to-information request paint a partial picture of ambassador Alison LeClaire’s travel and networking schedule for … Read more

Hurricane Fiona caused this destruction in Atlantic Canada

Good morning. This is the Monday, September 26 edition of First Up, the Star’s daily morning digest. Sign up to get it earlier each day, in your inbox. Here’s the latest on the destruction of Hurricane Fiona, artificial intelligence in health care and a Toronto neighborhood where housing is at the center of debate. DON’T … Read more

About to quit your job? Here’s how to go freelance

You’re so over your job, your manager, working from home, the clients you’re servicing and trying to be everything to everybody, solving everyone else’s problems but your own. You’re burned out. You’ve drafted your resignation letter. You are ready to quit and want to go freelance. This is how to get organized to make the … Read more

Voilà, PC Express, Metro and Instacart: Which is best?

When it opened for business in 1989, Chicago-based Peapod offered something unimaginable at the time: fresh groceries delivered right to your door. The company’s operations were rather clunky. “Peapod’s web graphics were so rudimentary that customers couldn’t see images of what they were buying,” wrote The Atlantic in a 2019 profile of the burgeoning industry. … Read more

Toronto highway closures for planned roadwork (Sept. 26)

You don’t need to sit in traffic: The Ministry of Transportation has scheduled 41 closures in Toronto on Sept. 26 for roadwork on Highway 400, Highway 401, Highway 404, Highway 427 and Queen Elizabeth Way. Highway 400 northbound off-ramp at Finch Avenue: one left lane closed from Sept. 26 at 9 a.m. until Sept. 26 … Read more

Fiona: A glimpse inside Atlantic Canada after the storm

Fiona: A glimpse inside Atlantic Canada after the storm | The Star n”,”heading”:””,”fullWindow”:false,”fullBleed”:false,”showFullBleedOnMobile”:false,”headColor”:””,”type”:”html5mobile”,”textColor”:””,”mobileImageUrl”:””,”bgColor”:””,”imageUrl”:””,”registeredOnly”:false,”linkUrl”:””,”aodaTitle”:”twitter updates”,”internalScroll”:false,”displayStyle”:”small-up”},{“text”:”Residents were traumatized by the experience, said John Osmond, president of a local Lions Club. He noted that aside from the loss of physical property, people were struck by the sight of their homes, which they’d spent their lives building, disappear in … Read more

Rizz Young pairs wine with tarot readings

Every Sunday, the questioning and the hopeful file into Sunday Service. This is not, however, your usual hour at church, but a few folks intrigued by the arcane and looking to the universe for answers. Rizz Young of Qveen of Swords Tarot presides over this small, sacred congregation in their garden, pouring specially selected wine … Read more

A Mr. Big named ‘Stephanie’: The elaborate undercover operation to catch a GTA double-killer

Traveling east on Highway 401 toward what he thought was a new career path, Trestan Brown opened up about his attempt to find the motivation to lead a better life by forgiving himself — even for the murder of an innocent person. Brown was going to use their death to tell himself, “I can’t do … Read more

Is the COVID pandemic over? Stakes high as debate over ‘the end’ heats up

The biggest public health crisis in a century had an unmistakably official start. On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic. Now, almost 1,000 days later, and after millions of deaths worldwide, many millions more infections, and an unprecedented international vaccination effort, it’s becoming clear the end of the … Read more

‘It’s not over yet’: Why the pandemic rages on for so many

For many, COVID-19 is anything but over. From the medically and economically vulnerable to those on the front lines of the health-care system’s continuing and exhausting battle, the Star spoke with people this week who are very much still living through the realities of this health crisis. These are their stories. Siobhan McKittrick, physiotherapist Siobhan … Read more