John pays $750 rent in Toronto. Can he afford his own place?

John, 33, has been living with his roommate and best friend for several years in a Little Italy apartment. Rent is low and John has had little incentive to move out. “We moved in together in our 20s and with rent going up around the city, moving out of our apartment seemed like a bad … Read more

Can new NDP leader Marit Stiles take down Doug Ford?

From a small family farm on the East Coast where goats ran around the living room to a fashionable house in the Annex, incoming NDP leader Marit Stiles has lived in very different worlds. And while her Newfoundland lilt may have faded, the lessons of her bucolic youth have not. “I learned about hard work … Read more

How Olympian Jamie Salé became a COVID protest champion

CALGARY—When it comes to greeting a crowd of adoring fans, Jamie Salé’s still got it. She shakes hands and hugs, she smiles wide and, if you’re lucky, leans in close to whisper a few words. The crowd this day mills in front of her, the carbonated vibe of a high school reunion bubbling just below … Read more

TTC violence worries those sheltering in transit system

Last October, for the first time in his life, Dan Watson was “nameless.” He was sleeping on Toronto subway cars and in coffee shops. For one whole month, nobody called him by his name. “You don’t feel like you belong,” he said this past week, bundled in a beanie and a winter coat during a … Read more

Brooklyn Nets deal Kyrie Irving to Dallas Mavericks in blockbuster NBA trade: Reports

The Brooklyn Nets are trading Kyrie Irving to the Dallas Mavericks in a blockbuster deal just days before the NBA trade deadline, according to reports. In return, the Nets get Spencer Dinwiddie, Dorian Finney-Smith, a 2029 first-round pick, along with a 2027 and 2029 second-round pick. Markieff Morris will also be going to Dallas. The … Read more

Phone addiction destroying your memory? A new app can help

Remember when we used to have to remember things? Things like phone numbers, world capitals, poems or, perhaps, the periodic table of elements? Now, no matter where we are, we can look those things up on the computers we carry in our pockets. That might be a good thing. Maybe we can use that space … Read more

Is there more to Ontario’s clinic plan than meets the eye?

Will that be on your OHIP card or your credit card? Premier Doug Ford’s controversial plan to move more surgeries out of hospitals and into independent clinics to clear a pandemic backlog has fueled concerns about the “upselling” of medical services not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan. The issue has been on the … Read more

Mattamy buyers say they’re in a desperate situation

Dozens of buyers who thought they were buying their dream homes in two Oakville housing projects early last year when the real estate market was still riding high, say they never expected home values ​​would fall so low or that interest rates would rise so fast. Now their builder, Mattamy Homes, is selling the same … Read more

Injunction decision looms on future of trees at Osgoode Hall

Work to cut down centuries-old trees at Osgoode Hall began and was then halted Saturday as an interim injunction to stop the removal was argued in a Toronto courtroom. Lawyers for the Law Society of Ontario and transit agency Metrolinx — which says the trees must be felled for station work on the Ontario Line … Read more

Bottoms up: the messy reality about famous alcoholic writers

A letter writer to the Star this week, offended at recent research warning of the health risks of alcohol, summoned the tired trope of linking alcohol and creative genius. After listing 10 celebrated American authors who battled alcoholism, the writer said: “They all drink. Often to excess. They wrote masterpieces. They will never die.” Well, … Read more