This Two-Minute Morning Activity Will Boost Your Energy and Focus All Day

While a cup of coffee can start your morning with a bang, there’s an easy, two-minute activity that will jumpstart your metabolism and give you more energy throughout the day. Uber investor Sahil Bloom developed the 5-5-5-30 morning exercise routine that takes only two minutes and has been scientifically shown to improve your attention, concentration, … Read more

City of Toronto receives generous holiday donation of nearly 5,000 toys for children in vulnerable communities

Mayor John Tory announced a donation of nearly 5,000 children’s toys with an estimated value of $61,000 from Spin Master Ltd., an international toy company. The toys will be distributed to families with children in vulnerable communities across the city throughout the holiday season. The City of Toronto worked with Spin … Read more

Train Your Brain to Commit to a Healthy Diet, Exercise

Each year, millions of Americans embark upon a fitness journey to improve their health, lose weight, or simply get into better shape. But the sad fact is 30% of people fail to accomplish their goals, and 40% don’t even reach half their objectives. According to The Joint Chiropractic, research reveals the reason why the odds … Read more

Smile is beating up Bros at the weekend box office

left: smile (Photo: Paramount Pictures), Right: Brittle (Photo: Nicole Rivelli/Universal Pictures) Maybe chalk it up to the onset of that particular time of year known—obsessively—to the online set as “Spooky Season,” but new horror thriller smile is apparently on track to win this weekend’s theatrical box office. Per varietyParker Finn’s film is set to bring … Read more

New Eye Drops Improve Aging Vision Without Glasses. Here’s How They Work

When people get into their 40s and beyond, their close-up vision starts to worsen. For many people, cranking up the font size on a phone or maxing out the brightness on a computer is the only way to be able to read some text. This condition is known as presbyopia, and it affects around 128 … Read more