Canada in contact with allies after report a Russian missile killed two people

OTTAWA — Canada joined other allies Tuesday in holding back judgment on whether reports of an allegedly Russian-made missile hitting Poland could mean the war between Russia and Ukraine has now encroached on NATO’s turf. But world leaders did seem to be moving into high-alert mode, with both US President Joe Biden and NATO Secretary … Read more

Will Russian missile strikes in Poland trigger NATO’s Article 5? Here’s what we know

The Polish government called an urgent meeting of its national security committee Tuesday after reports of Russian missile strikes that overshot the Poland-Ukraine border, killing two. Neither Poland nor the US government have confirmed the incident, which risks triggering Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, the agreement which created NATO. The article concerns the … Read more

OPP did not give priority to Windsor protests and overlook Ottawa blockade, says top cop

OTTAWA—Ontario’s top cop denies the provincial police gave priority to clearing the so-called “Freedom Convoy” blockade at Windsor’s Ambassador Bridge over the protest occupation in Ottawa last winter, the Emergencies Act inquiry heard Thursday. Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Thomas Carrique said Windsor’s economic importance was a significant national security concern, but was on the defensive … Read more

OPP commissioner testifies Thursday about conflicting views on Emergency Act

OTTAWA—The top cop at the Ontario Provincial Police testifies Thursday at the federal inquiry into the federal declaration of emergency to end the “Freedom Convoy” protests. OPP Commissioner Thomas Carrique is expected to give evidence about whether the Emergency Act was necessary, and to clarify why he said in March the law was needed when … Read more

Ottawa sends message to China by welcoming Nokia

The subtext of the $340-million Nokia-Trudeau-Ford announcement on Monday morning was far from subtle. Through more than an hour of speeches from six different dignitaries, we are meant to understand that Nokia’s expansion in the Ottawa suburbs is not just trustworthy, environmentally responsible and cutting edge. It’s also not Huawei, not Chinese, and therefore worthy … Read more

Justin Trudeau bends to health advice, public pressure and politics as pandemic restrictions wind down

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went before cameras to present his government’s emergency response Monday — not to the long-awaited end of federal border and travel restrictions, but to last weekend’s hurricane. Instead, it was left to cabinet ministers to announce the end of pandemic measures that had become increasingly unjustifiable in the eyes … Read more

The changing meaning of Queen Elizabeth II

When my elder son was six, he and the other children in his North West London primary school were asked to write a personal letter to the Queen. The best ones from each year, the teacher explained, would be chosen then posted to Buckingham Palace for Her Majesty to read. Solomon, a Canadian-British dual national, … Read more

Conservative insiders say these are the 4 biggest challenges Pierre Poilievre will face

OTTAWA — In high school, he was selling Reform Party memberships. In university, he was a finalist in an essay contest about what he’d do as prime minister. At age 25, he won an Ottawa seat for the federal Conservatives and 20 years later, he’s still the MP, having served as a cabinet minister along … Read more

Conservative party elects new leader Saturday

OTTAWA—For the third time in five years, members of the federal Conservative party are set to elect a new leader. Who among the five candidates will emerge the winner of the seven-month long contest will be revealed at an event tonight in downtown Ottawa. Plans for what was supposed to be an energetic convention have … Read more

Trudeau tells cabinet he’s sticking around for next election

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told his federal Liberal cabinet Wednesday that he is staying on to fight in the next election, the Star has learned. Trudeau addressed speculation about his political future behind closed doors at a cabinet retreat in Vancouver, according to several sources with knowledge of the discussion. Just ahead of … Read more