Acting Out Dreams During Sleep May Signal Parkinson’s Disease

We’ve all had the experience of acting out our dreams, but this may be a harbinger of dreaded neurological diseases. Actor Alan Alda, best known for his role on the comedy-drama television series M*A*S*H* thought he was being threatened as he slept and threw a bag of potatoes at the attacker. When he awoke, he … Read more

Research Suggests There’s a Big Overlooked Benefit of Having Dyslexia

The modern world is stitched together by threads of written language. For those with the reading disorder dyslexia, the endless tangle of words can feel like an obstacle to survival. Long framed purely as a learning disorder, the neurological condition that makes the decoding of text so difficult could also benefit individuals and their community … Read more

NIH-funded studies reveal credible estimates for Alzheimer’s-like brain disorder prevalence

Media Advisory Monday, June 13, 2022 Forty percent of all older adults and up to 50% of people with Alzheimer’s may have LATE. what New National Institutes of Health-funded research shows that the prevalence of brain changes from Limbic-predominant Age-related TDP-43 Encephalopathy (LATE) may be roughly 40% in older adults and as high as 50% … Read more

A night in downtown Edmonton — Oilers mania, transit violence, and an opioid crisis in plain sight

EDMONTON—There’s a strange stillness in Edmonton’s Central LRT station as a man in a gray sweatshirt stands on the concrete stairs and focuses intensely on inhaling smoke through a dirty glass pipe. He’s somewhat lucid, at first, his words slurred. As he speaks of not being able to use the bathrooms in the underground station, … Read more

There’s an Activity That Improves Mood With Lasting Effect in People With Depression

There’s no longer any doubt that exercise can be a serious mood booster for people with major depressive disorder. Even an hour of physical activity a week can be enough to reduce the risk of future episodes. Surprisingly, little is known about the more immediate effects of exercise on specific characteristics of both mood and … Read more

Wild Paper Claims Psychopathy May Not Be a Mental Disorder, But Something Else

For more than half a century, the kinds of antisocial personality traits we think of as psychopathic – such as a lack of remorse, aggression, and disregard for the wellbeing of others – have been associated with mental illness. The line between broken and useful traits can be hazy in biology, leaving open the possibility … Read more