Acting Out Dreams During Sleep May Signal Parkinson’s Disease

We’ve all had the experience of acting out our dreams, but this may be a harbinger of dreaded neurological diseases. Actor Alan Alda, best known for his role on the comedy-drama television series M*A*S*H* thought he was being threatened as he slept and threw a bag of potatoes at the attacker. When he awoke, he … Read more

Newly Discovered VEXAS Syndrome May Affect Thousands More Americans Than Thought

The patient, Hector Campos, came into the emergency department with shortness of breath, erratic fever, and swollen, itchy ears. His wife explained that Campos had tested negative for COVID-19. “What do you think this might be?” Campos asked the chief of emergency medicine, Ethan Choi, who was similarly befuddled by the man’s symptoms. Scary, right? … Read more

Okanagan-based caregivers share stories for Alzheimer’s Awareness Month – Okanagan

A dementia or Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis doesn’t just affect the person diagnosed, it’s a disease that affects an entire family, with children often becoming caregivers to their parents. There are 85,000 people currently living with the disease, and the Alzheimers Society of BC offers support services not only for the person diagnosed but also for … Read more

Babies born with syphilis hits peak level in 32 years in Pennsylvania

Story at a glance Congenital syphilis occurs when a pregnant person with syphilis passes the infection on to the baby during pregnancy. It can cause miscarriages, still births, premature births, low birth weight, or death shortly after birth. Syphilis is treatable with antibiotics, and doctors advise routine testing during pregnancy. (WBRE/WYOU) — The Pennsylvania Department … Read more

Will you get Alzheimer’s in the future? Miami UM tool predicts risk

Why do some people develop Alzheimer’s disease and others don’t? What makes one person’s brain healthier than another’s? And what can be done to improve, or at least slow, a brain’s deterioration? Researchers at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine have developed a new tool they say will help fill in the blanks. … Read more

Shingles Increases Risk for Stroke, Heart Attack By About 30 Percent

People who’ve had a bout of shingles may face a heightened risk of heart attack or stroke in later years, a new, large study suggests. Anyone who ever had chickenpox can develop shingles — a painful rash that is caused by a reactivation of the virus that causes chickenpox. About one-third of Americans will develop … Read more

The history of the name ‘monkeypox’ — and why it’s being changed to ‘mpox’

Monkeypox will be getting a new name, following a global consultation with experts, in a move designed to avoid discrimination and stigma attached to the current one, says the World Health Organization. The preferred name for the viral disease going forward will be “mpox,” the organization said in a statement Monday. Both names will be … Read more

14-year-old girl hopeful for lung transplant to keep singing

Life has changed for the family of a 14-year-old girl from Soldier, Iowa, in just a matter of weeks. They’re now hoping Katie Hoskins gets a much-needed lung transplant, so she can enjoy the life she has left to the fullest.The sound of Katie’s voice is music to her parents’ ears.”She is full of joy, … Read more

Zombie pigeons in the UK: Mystery bird illness turns living birds into zombies

p igeons who fall ill with pigeon paramyxovirus, a disease also known as PPMV or Newcastle’s Disease, will experience a range of neurological symptoms, such as a violently twisted neck and trembling wings. They also dramatically lose weight, have green droppings, walk in circles (often meaning they can’t fly), and are reluctant to move. While … Read more

Bill Gates Has Big News About Terrible Disease

Bill Gates rarely gives up in a fight. The billionaire philanthropist had a sounded frustrated last summer after what he called “setbacks.” “Several huge global setbacks over the past few years have left many people discouraged and wondering whether the world is destined to get worse,” the co-founder of software giant Microsoft lamented on Twitter … Read more