Right-wing activist says he meant no harm with ‘joke’ about raping Pierre Poilievre’s wife

OTTAWA — The RCMP is reviewing a statement from a prominent far-right figure who says he was drunk when he joked during a live broadcast about sexually assaulting Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre’s wife. The comment provoked Poilievre’s strongest condemnation yet of a group called Diagolon and its controversial leader Jeremy MacKenzie, a 36-year-old Nova Scotia … Read more

India is warning its citizens about Canadian ‘hate crimes, sectarian violence’

The Indian government has issued a safety advisory to its citizens and foreign students in Canada, warning about what it describes as an increased risk of hate crimes, sectarian violence and “anti-India activities.” Indian nationals in Canada should “exercise due caution and be vigilant,” the Indian Ministry of External Affairs said in a statement Friday. … Read more

Quiet opposition or colonial complicity? Queen Elizabeth’s legacy

Queen Elizabeth II is being remembered in a myriad of ways after her death, and many of the memories are less than flattering. Marginalized groups in particular have criticized the Queen’s participation within a colonial institution. But to what extent did Elizabeth II forward the colonial agenda, and how much did she try to right … Read more

Inside the Saskatchewan community shattered by stabbings as it seeks to heal — and forgive

JAMES SMITH CREE NATION, Sask.—It’s completely black inside the dome-shaped Buffalo sweat lodge; not a single beam of light penetrates the inky void. The slow pounding of a lone drum bounces off the walls — soon, more join in unison, building to a steady crescendo. A woman’s piercing cry is heard as water is splashed … Read more

Parents decry slow pace of tackling racism in Peel schools

Parents of Black students at the Peel District School Board are fed up with what they call the slow pace of reform in their children’s schools. At the end of June, the PDSB unveiled its new anti-racism policy, touting it as “the most comprehensive ever introduced by a school board in Ontario.” But without a … Read more

Drake and LeBron James sued for $10M over upcoming TIFF doc: reports

Canadian musician Drake, basketball star LeBron James and rapper Future have been served with a $10- million lawsuit over an intellectual property dispute, according to a story in the New York Post. The film, “Black Ice,” about the history of racism in Canadian hockey, is set to have a gala presentation at TIFF on Saturday … Read more

U of T students demand action on anti-Asian racism this year

As Christine Mo, a masters student studying public policy at the University of Toronto, heads back to class for the start of a new school year, memories of the previous one weigh heavy. In February, joss paper, or “hell money,” meant to be burnt in offering to deities and deceased ancestors in the afterlife, was … Read more

Inside the increasingly personal attacks targeting Canadian female journalists

Rage, hate and harassment are everywhere in the public square. The Star is looking at the causes and costs, and what can be done to stop it. The Taliban in Pakistan wanted Saba Eitizaz dead. It was 2014, and the militants had issued an edict that Eitizaz and fellow colleagues working for BBC in that … Read more

Legal clinic ‘levelling the playing field’ for Black students

Students and their families will have a new resource in combating anti-Black racism in schools this fall with free access to legal representation, regardless of their income level. The Black Legal Action Center (BLAC), an independent, not-for-profit community legal clinic, is set to announce Tuesday the addition of a new lawyer to help Black families … Read more

Peel Regional Police used force on Black people 3.2 times more often than their share of the population in 2021, police data shows

Peel Regional Police used force on Black people 3.2 times more often than their share of the population in 2021, police data shows | The Star “,”heading”:””,”fullWindow”:false,”fullBleed”:false,”showFullBleedOnMobile”:false,”headColor”:””,”type”:”html5mobile”,”textColor”:””,”mobileImageUrl”:””,”bgColor”:””,”imageUrl”:””,”registeredOnly”:false,”linkUrl”:””,”aodaTitle”:” “,”internalScroll”:false,”displayStyle”:”small-up”},{“text”:”The numbers are not a surprise to both police and the community, and they support long-known anecdotal reports. The questions remain why it continues and whether efforts to … Read more