John Tory uses ‘strong mayor’ power to fill key role

In his first substantial use of the expanded powers granted his office by the province, John Tory has used his “strong-mayor” authority to appoint a new city manager. The city announced Friday that Paul Johnson will be Toronto’s top bureaucrat, effective immediately. Johnson had previously been deputy city manager for community and social services, and … Read more

Doug Ford accuses Toronto of mismanaging its finances

Mayor John Tory and Premier Doug Ford appear headed for a showdown on the financial impacts of Ontario’s new housing bill. A day after Tory demanded the provincial Progressive Conservative government make an ironclad promise to fully compensate Toronto for any development charge revenue the city loses as a result of the legislation, Ford asserted … Read more

Province to cover part of Toronto’s $700M shortfall

Toronto got a lifeline Wednesday as it struggles to shore up its budget against ongoing damage from COVID-19 and the unexpected fallout from the province’s new housing bill. Prime Minister Doug Ford’s government announced Wednesday it would fund one-third of the provincial capital’s 2022 pandemic-related operating budget shortfall, which the city’s latest estimates peg at … Read more

Province to cover part of Toronto’s $700M budget shortfall

Prime Minister Doug Ford’s government said Wednesday it would provide funding to help Toronto fill one-third of its pandemic-related budget shortfall this year, and opened the door to reimbursing the city for the financial impacts of Ontario’s controversial new housing bill. Mayor John Tory welcomed the news, but pledged to fight the province if it … Read more

Metrolinx postpones plan to chop down Osgoode Hall trees

The trees on the grounds of Osgoode Hall in downtown Toronto have been given a temporary reprieve by Metrolinx, which was threatening to cut them down by Dec. 5 as part of a transit expansion. “Metrolinx has determined an alternative method to continue progress towards construction and begin the archaeological work at the site for … Read more

Will a $4 million-plus pay hike help Toronto’s housing crisis?

Toronto intends to boost the salaries of city planners on its payroll in an effort to address a long-standing retention problem in the department that’s been blamed for worsening the housing crisis. A city report going to Mayor John Tory’s executive committee next Tuesday recommends increasing the salaries and benefits of employees in the planning … Read more

Municipalities attack Doug Ford’s housing bill

Mississauga City Councillor Carolyn Parrish stops short of calling it panic. But in her 38-year political career, she says she has never seen the kind of stunned apprehension that Ontario’s More Homes Built Faster Act has evoked among municipal officials. Known as Bill 23, the sweeping act aimed at building 1.5 million more homes in … Read more

Why a Toronto council revolt against ‘strong mayor’ powers fell apart

A co-ordinated attempt to force a council vote on the extraordinary powers being granted to Toronto’s mayor was defeated by a single vote on Thursday when a handful of key councilors sided with John Tory to block debate of the issue, according to city hall sources. The unsuccessful effort was an early test of the … Read more

Doug Ford’s new laws no help for Toronto’s housing woes

So tell us, Steve Clark, why is it that Mayor John Tory deserves undemocratic powers to pass legislation at Toronto city hall with the support of just one-third of city councilors? “John Tory won a citywide mandate with over 342,000 votes — 36,000 more votes than every city councilor combined,” the Minister of Municipal Affairs … Read more

Pedestrian struck and injured by driver in Willowdale

A pedestrian was struck by a driver at a major intersection in Willowdale late Friday afternoon, two days after a 20-year-old cyclist was struck at another major intersection to the south. The pedestrian was transported to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries after being struck at Yonge Street and Sheppard Avenue at 5:51 pm, Toronto police tweeted. … Read more