Pierre Poilievre’s Big Tent: How Pierre Poilievre won the battle for the soul of the Conservative party

This week on “It’s Political,” we focus on Pierre Poilievre’s leadership. First, we’ll take a look back at the divisive leadership race and Poilievre’s big win. Then we’ll sit down with Yan Plante, the former chief of staff to transport minister Denis Lebel in Stephen Harper’s government, and Melanie Paradis, a long-time advisor and deputy … Read more

Ask my questions or I won’t attend leadership debate, Leslyn Lewis tells Conservative party

OTTAWA—Conservative party members would rather hear leadership candidates talk about the World Economic Forum and COVID-19 vaccines than federal budgets and carbon taxes, says Leslyn Lewis. Lewis made the statement while criticizing the party’s plans for a third leadership debate on Aug. 3. In an open letter to the party’s leadership election organizing committee on … Read more

Racist Great Replacement conspiracy theory in Canada

Timothy Caulfield has spent the pandemic battling bunk science and lies. The course of COVID-19 has seen more Canadians spiral into the realm of conspiracy theories and it’s kept the misinformation expert busy. So busy, he says, he felt he didn’t have time to really delve into one, particular conspiracy theory that was gaining traction: … Read more

Jan. 6 hearings: Trump ignored advisers who rejected ‘Big Lie,’ panel hears

WASHINGTON—There’s a word that former US Attorney General William Barr used repeatedly in his testimony to the congressional Jan. 6 committee — a word Star policy prevents me from printing in full. It’s the unabbreviated version of “BS,” which — when quoted in this family newspaper — looks like this: “bullsh—.” Barr used it in … Read more

Pierre Poilievre and World Economic Forum conspiracy theories

Pierre Poilievre is sitting at a picnic table with Robert Dorion. Dorion is streaming the conversation to his modest Facebook network. “You asked me to ask him some questions about the World Economic Forum — what’s his position; whether he’s a member of it,” Dorion says to the camera, in French, as Poilievre smiles next … Read more

Monkeypox Is Here and COVID Truthers Are Losing It

Public health experts and most mainstream media outlets have spent much of the last week or two assuring people that monkeypox is not the new COVID-19. Sure, the global outbreak of a couple hundred cases of a disease usually confined to clusters in Africa is odd and not yet well understood, and after two years … Read more

Was the ‘Freedom Convoy’ really about vaccine mandates — or something darker?

For three weeks this winter, a so-called “Freedom Convoy” delivered thousands of demonstrators into downtown Ottawa, turning them into an occupying force that snarled daily life in the nation’s capital and dominated the national conversation. But who were the demonstrators, really — and what were they after? Many of them positioned the protest as a … Read more