What’s behind Pierre Poilievre’s controversial drug policy?

OTTAWA — Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre is promising a new approach to managing Canada’s toxic drug crisis, but what he’s saying about that crisis is an irresponsible distortion of the facts, his critics charge. His promises — which include the suggestion he’d scale back safe-supply programs in favor of putting more resources into addiction treatment … Read more

Tim Allen attacked by woke mob over ‘problematic’ Christmas joke in ‘Santa Clauses’

Beloved sitcom dad Tim Allen was slammed Thursday by woke Twitter users after saying, “Merry Christmas is suddenly problematic,” in his brand new Disney+ show “The Santa Clauses.” The 69-year-old actor — who has never been shy about his political beliefs — was frosted out by Twitter users for using the line in his scripted … Read more

Opinion: Kremlin critic Bill Browder is urging Canada to find and freeze dirty money. Will Ottawa heed his call?

Bill Browder was once Russia’s biggest foreign investor, but in 2005 Vladimir Putin declared him a “threat to national security.”Christopher Katsarov/The Globe and Mail Canada stands with Ukraine, but Ottawa’s inability to fight financial crime is enabling Russia’s war machine. That stark assessment comes from Bill Browder, a man who has risked his life to … Read more

New party targeting B.C. school boards raises eyebrows

A new elector organization with conservative and Christian ties is running school board candidates in eight BC school districts, but critics say the group is trying to keep some of its harder right-wing ideology under wraps. ParentsVoice BC (PVBC) has nominated 28 candidates in a number of communities across the province. Its website states the … Read more

The inside story of how Pierre Poilievre captured the hearts of Canada’s Conservatives

OTTAWA – Pierre Poilievre began his Conservative leadership campaign with a video featuring him alone, dressed in a dark suit and crisp white shirt, seated at a heavy wooden desk, shelves crammed with books and photos behind him. His campaign’s final video showed him on a stage in a rumpled blue shirt, sleeves rolled above … Read more

Pierre Poilievre suffered a week of self-inflicted damage

MONTREAL — Until last Tuesday, Richmond-Arthabaska MP Alain Rayes was one of the Conservative party’s best-known and most influential members in Quebec. Before spending the past six months in a leading role in Jean Charest’s leadership campaign, he had twice served as Quebec lieutenant, first for Andrew Scheer and more recently for Erin O’Toole. In … Read more

For better or worse, becoming the Conservative leader means Pierre Poilievre no longer controls the conversation

OTTAWA — Two different podiums, two very different days for newly minted Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre as he grasps the reins of power over his party. In a sweeping speech paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth II in the House of Commons on Thursday, Poilievre confidently held the podium placed onto his desk. Since the Conservatives … Read more

What are the five major parties taking part in Quebec’s provincial election?

Quebec’s election campaign began on Sunday and Quebecers will go to the polls on Oct. 3; here’s a look at the five parties vying to form the province’s next government. Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) In 2018, the Coalition Avenir Québec — also known as the CAQ — took power for the first time, becoming the … Read more

Did a Conservative leadership hopeful compare COVID-19 vaccines to Nazi atrocities? Leslyn Lewis rejects ‘cowardly’ accusation

OTTAWA — Dog whistling to conspiracy theorists. Political cowardice and racism. Human experimentation in Nazi Germany. This was the fodder for a public spat in the Conservative leadership race on Thursday, as two candidates traded allegations of misinformation and dirty politicking in the latter phase of the contest to become leader of the Official Opposition … Read more

Next Conservative leader should be wary of climate change policy

MONTREAL—There’s no lack of significant policy differences between the two leading contenders for the leadership of the federal Conservative party. But on the need for a radical shift in Canada’s climate change policy, they are on the same page. The party — whether it is led by Pierre Poilievre or Jean Charest after Sept. 10 … Read more