Unexpected construction in Toronto’s Little Portugal hits businesses – Toronto

December is usually busy season for store owner Robin Levett, but unexpected construction just outside her shop appears to have deterred the usual pedestrian foot traffic in the area. Levett owns Three Fates, a retail store that sells both second-hand and new clothing items, as well as jewelry and other items. The store is located … Read more

Metrolinx postpones plan to chop down Osgoode Hall trees

The trees on the grounds of Osgoode Hall in downtown Toronto have been given a temporary reprieve by Metrolinx, which was threatening to cut them down by Dec. 5 as part of a transit expansion. “Metrolinx has determined an alternative method to continue progress towards construction and begin the archaeological work at the site for … Read more

Historic trees at Toronto’s Osgoode Hall given ‘temporary reprieve’ by Metrolinx – Toronto

Five historic trees growing in downtown Toronto will not be immediately torn down to construct a new subway station. Trees on the grounds of Osgoode Hall, in the University Avenue and Queen Street area, were due to be removed by Metrolinx as part of its plans to construct the Ontario Line. To allow for a … Read more

Dog owners react to rash of dead raccoons in the city

Archie smelled the body first, which was a surprise all in all, because for a body, it didn’t really stink that bad. “We were kind of on top of it,” said Liz Scanlon, who was with Archie that day. “I didn’t see it.” But Archie saw it — after he smelled it — and he … Read more

Toronto dye testing turns ponds and creeks bright green

Toronto residents expressed concern this weekend when local bodies of water appeared to be turning bright, fluorescent green. A Twitter user posted a photo of a neon green pond on Nov. 10, claiming the photo had been taken in Toronto’s High Park. The tweet gained moderate traction, with some Twitter users suggesting that the bright … Read more

‘Unprecedented’: City begins emergency effort to clear dead raccoons following distemper outbreak

No, it’s not your imagination. In recent weeks, Toronto has experienced a dramatic rise of reported animal carcasses due to a deadly viral outbreak among the city’s raccoon population. Now, following a recent flood of complaints, the city says additional members of Toronto Animal Services (TAS) will be assigned to respond to the influx of … Read more

‘Cost keeps going up’: Province yet to commit to funding Toronto’s World Cup plan

With Canada’s first World Cup game since the 1980s just weeks away, politicians in Toronto are already haggling over the details of the next major soccer tournament. Toronto is scheduled to host five World Cup games in 2026, when the competition will be played across Canada, Mexico and the United States. The city has pinned … Read more

Toronto Issued More Than 48K Speeding Tickets In 2 Months & These Spots Were The Worst

Speeding in Toronto is not a joke, especially when you have to pay a fine. But, thankfully, every car comes with a speedometer to keep you in line with the rules. In August and September, the city of Toronto issued over 48,000 speeding tickets, and some spots were the absolute worst. The drivers speeding were … Read more

Toronto adds 25 more speed cameras to its fleet of 50, new locations released – Toronto

The City of Toronto has added another 25 automated speed enforcement (ASE) cameras to its already existing roster of 50 that have been in use for the last two years. The additional cameras will be allocated one per ward, with three speed cameras now being placed in each of the 25 wards in the city. … Read more

Tribunal rejects appeal to block Willowdale housing project

It’s yet another twist in Toronto’s proposal to build 59 units of supportive housing in Willowdale, as the Ontario Land Tribunal has rejected an appeal from a neighborhood group that sought to block the development — stating it missed the required timeline by a single day. Dated Sept. 8 — though both the neighborhood group … Read more