Ukraine’s Zelenskyy says it’s time for meaningful security talks with Moscow

Article content Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Saturday called for comprehensive peace talks with Moscow, saying Russia would otherwise need generations to recover from losses suffered during the war. Article content Zelenskyy said Ukraine had always offered solutions for peace and wanted meaningful and honest negotiations on peace and security, without delay. “I want everyone … Read more

North America vulnerable to hypersonic weapons: NORAD

North America has few options to defend against Russian and Chinese hypersonic weapons, which can maneuver while traveling more than five times the speed of sound. Potentially capable of carrying nuclear warheads, the US is still trying to develop a similar arsenal. “Hypersonic weapons are extremely difficult to detect and counter given these weapons’ speed, … Read more

This TikTok Video Shows Why People In Vancouver Live In A ‘Completely Different Reality’

Life in Vancouver, BC is very different from anywhere else in Canada, and this TikTok video shows just how much. It highlights what life in the city is like — full of beauty and nature. People living in other provinces, who are likely shoveling out their driveways full of snow right now, will probably shed … Read more

Australia reopens to the world

Breadcrumb Trail Links travel “Sweet as, mate. Sweet as.” Sydney is best known for its harbourfront Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge. Photo by Cultural Attractions of Australia Reviews and recommendations are unbiased and products are independently selected. Postmedia may earn an affiliate commission from purchases made through links on this page. Article content … Read more

Russia aims to open its own version of McDonald’s with similar logo after U.S. chain pulls out

It appears Russia is working on a replacement for McDonald’s restaurants in the country, complete with a logo that looks remarkably similar to the fast-food chain’s famous golden arches trademark† The move follows the announcement on March 8 that the US-based McDonald’s would shut down its 850 locations in Russia to protest the country’s invasion … Read more

Australian speedster Matt Hood combines rugby and business with Toronto Arrows

Matt Hood can design or help you run a website. Or he can just run. When not playing rugby for the Toronto Arrows, the former Australian sevens speedster works on marketing and website development. While at the University of Sydney, where he earned a BA in economics and master’s in management, Hood looked for some … Read more

Mental health emerges as top concern for Canadian employers worried about workers’ low-grade trauma from pandemic

Breadcrumb Trail Links news FP Work FP Economy Report finds business leaders fretting about toll of mental health issues, from absenteeism to added costs for treatment Morning commuters cross Yonge Street at Bay Street in the financial district of Toronto. Photo by Cole Burston/Bloomberg files Article content A new report shows that mental health has … Read more

Lakers fans’ love is unconditional. Even when they’re losing

For two years, 13-year-old Chase Reiser from Winnipeg decided to skip his own birthday party and not accept any presents from his parents, so he could save up to buy two tickets to watch the Los Angeles Lakers’ return to Toronto with his mother. “To see his level of commitment to getting these tickets has … Read more