White House resists declaring emergency as flu, viruses surge in children

The White House is resisting calls from pediatric health groups to declare a national emergency due to the early surge in respiratory illness in children. As seasonal flu, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), coronavirus and other respiratory viruses swarm the country, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children’s Hospital Association argue an emergency declaration, which … Read more

Essential Signaling Pathway for Neuronal Connectivity During Brain Development Identified

Summary: Study reveals a signaling pathway that controls the formation of synapses between pyramidal neurons and inhibitory neurons expressing the parvalbumin protein. Source: King’s College London New research from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) at King’s College London has demonstrated that brain wiring requires the control of local protein synthesis at the … Read more

US COVID cases: New subvariants, holiday gatherings may bring more coronavirus, but experts don’t expect severe surge

As millions of Americans travel to gather with friends and family over the next few days, there’s a good chance that COVID-19 will follow. Experts expect that Thanksgiving gatherings will stir up social networks and give new coronavirus subvariants fresh pockets of vulnerable people to infect. As a result, cases and hospitalizations may tick up … Read more

Sneak peek inside Israel’s female ana

Some 24 women sit in a circle in a spacious, bright and colorful workshop venue in the “Yarok Az” farm in Ilaniya in northern Israel. They shyly look at one another, knowing that over the next two days, they’ll be sharing secrets and reservations they haven’t even shared and with their best friends. In the … Read more

Avian flu outbreak wipes out 50M US birds, a record

Cage-free chickens are shown inside a facility at Hilliker’s Ranch Fresh Eggs in Lakeside, California, April 19. Avian flu has wiped out 50.54 million birds in the United States this year, making it the country’s deadliest outbreak in history. (Mike Blake, Reuters) Estimated read time: 2-3 minutes CHICAGO — Avian flu has wiped out 50.54 … Read more

Dr Alnajjar tells FEMAIL about underlying conditions which could be causing erectile dysfunction

It can feel humiliating or shameful to suffer from erectile dysfunction – despite the fact it affects half the male population of the UK between the ages of 40 and 70. But experts have now revealed that the condition may have darker implications, manifesting as a possible symptom of serious issues such as heart disease … Read more

The Link Between Grocery Shopping and Dementia — Best Life

Every three seconds, someone in the world develops dementia, according to Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI). That means by the time you finish this article, 40 or more new people will be facing this debilitating disease, for which there is no cure. This fact is alarming because maintaining cognitive health—your brain’s ability to think, learn, and … Read more

Secrets of ‘SuperAgers’ with superior memories into their 80s

Editor’s Note: Sign up for CNN’s Fitness, But Better newsletter series. Our seven-part guide will help you ease into a healthy routine, backed by experts. CNN — Despite volunteering and working out at the gym several days each week, socializing frequently with friends and family, reading all manner of books and doing daily crossword puzzles, … Read more