Plastics found in human bloodstream by researchers in the Netherlands

New research has found evidence of plastic in the bloodstream of humans for the first time. Microplastics, microscopic pieces of plastic, have been found in water, air, fish and foods. Microplastics occur from the breakdown of paints and plastic products, including single-use objects such as plates and shopping bags. Plastic – it’s in your blood. … Read more

What to Know About the Artificial Sweetener and Cancer Study

Photo† effrey Greenberg/Education Images/Universal Images Group †Getty Images† The long-running argument over the harms and benefits of artificial sweeteners will be further complicated by new research out this week. The results of a large observational study suggest that higher consumption of artificial sweeteners is linked to a higher risk of cancer. Importantly, though, this sort … Read more

Paralyzed man gets brain implant, immediately asks for ‘beer’

He wanted some post-op hops. A paralyzed man who was unable to move or communicate for months is now finally able to speak thanks to a state-of-the-art brain-computer interface system (BCI). His first words? “I want a bear.” The unnamed 36-year-old patient had been suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a progressive nervous system disease … Read more

Male birth control pill 99% effective in mice could start human trials this year

Scientists in the United States say they have developed a male birth control pill that is 99 per cent effective in mice without causing side effects, and that could begin human trials by the end of this year. the findings, unveiled at the American Chemical Society’s spring meetingmark a key step in efforts to expand … Read more

Artificial intelligence can tell if you’ve got heart problems simply by the sound of your voice

WASHINGTON — Advanced AI technology can now calculate a person’s risk of suffering a heart attack just by listening to their voice, a new study says. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic say people who have a high voice biomarker score are more than twice as likely to suffer major heart problems related to clogged arteries. … Read more

Controversial New Study Links Artificial Sweeteners to Cancer Yet Again

Consuming artificial sweetener could increase the risk of developing cancer, a large-scale study suggested Thursday, but experts not involved in the research said it was not enough proof to consider changing current health advice. Sweeteners are consumed by millions every day in products like diet soda, partly as a way to avoid weight gain from … Read more

How to use melatonin for sleep

But Martin and other sleep experts are concerned that many people are taking melatonin out of the mistaken belief that it will help them fall sleep faster. Instead, the experts say, there’s not enough strong evidence that supplemental melatonin is an effective sleep aid for chronic insomnia, and some risk that taking it improperly may … Read more